• VisibleDust EZ Kit Thin Lite-X Light Cleaning (1.6x)

VisibleDust EZ Kit Thin Lite-X Light Cleaning (1.6x)


The Visible Dust Thin Lite-X Light Cleaning kit produces a streak-free finish thanks to the fast-evaporating VDust Plus™ and ultra-soft Orange Vswabs. Ideal for use on a fluorine coated sensor, the Orange Vswabs have a patented V-shape design that enhances manoeuvrability within the camera's chamber. VDust Plus™ is a multi-ingredient, alcoholic solution that removes oil fast. In this kit you will receive: 2 of the VDust Plus™ 1.15ml liquid cleaners, and 5 Orange DHAP 1.6x Vswabs.

Key Features: Visible Dust Thin Lite-X Cleaning (1.6x)

  • Better value than a single liquid.
  • For use on oil-based stains.
  • Patented V-shape swab for easy manoeuvrability.
  • Woven fabric prevents scratches.


How to use the VDust Plus and Orange Vswabs:

  1. Apply cleaning liquid (2 to 4 drops) evenly across edge of the swab, taking precaution not to oversaturate it.
  2. Insert swab width-wise to the width of the sensor. Rotate once inside chamber.
  3. Contact sensor so that swab width is edge to edge of the height of sensor. Wipe across the sensor with gentle pressure once.
  4. Lift off sensor and discard the swab.
  5. Allow the sensor to dry out completely.
  6. Release the camera shutter, and check the image.
  7. Repeat if necessary.