• VisibleDust EZ Kit CurVswab Extra Strength (1.6x)

VisibleDust EZ Kit CurVswab Extra Strength (1.6x)

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More versatile than a single liquid, this kit includes: Green Vswabs® 1.6x size; 1.15ml of VDust Plus™ liquid cleaner; 1.15ml Smear Away™ liquid; 1 CurVswab™ long; 1 CurVswab short; and a strap. Any beginner can become pro simply by using CurVswab™ handle. Its firm grip produces a higher-quality finish than a regular swap handle, and makes edge-to-edge cleaning easier and more efficient. Use the CurVswab with the green MXD-100 Vswabs for a streak-free finish. The patented V-shape of the Vswabs ensures optimum manoeuvrability within the camera's chamber. The two liquids included in this kit have different functions: the VDust Plus solution is a multi-ingredient, alcoholic cleaner that removes oil quickly and evaporates fast, whilst the Smear Away solution is for tougher marks and stains. With strong anti-static capabilities and anti-scratch components, it will remove any even the strongest marks and stains from your sensor.

Key Features: Visible Dust EZ Kit CurVswab Extra Strength

  • More versatile than single liquid
  • Switching liquids enhances cleaning
  • Better value than single liquid
  • Easier to remove tough stains
  • Better edge to edge cleaning
  • Better grip on the swab handle
  • Prevents streak lines