• Vanguard Alta Action 60 Tripod Bag

Vanguard Alta Action 60 Tripod Bag


Steady in action!

Catering to the full professional work flow the ALTA ACTION is an advanced tripod carrying bag, as well as a key component in the full ALTA EXPERINCE linking our tripods and bags like never before. Safeguards your ALTA PRO tripod & head while making sure that your support safely follows you from location to location along with all your other gear.

The ALTA ACTION advanced carrying tripod bags are tailored to best fit and protect our ALTA PRO tripods & heads. More than just a great tripod carrying solution these bags are designed to support the full ALTA EXPERINCE. By utilizing the ALTA LINK feature we offer a seamless workflow of carrying an ALTA PRO tripod & head in an advanced ALTA ACTION tripod bag connected to an ALTA RISE or ALTA SKY backpack!