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The Solarcan


Born from a love of photography, art & astronomy Solarcan is a unique camera designed to produce extreme time exposures that capture the Sun’s path across the sky.

A single Solarcan, carefully packaged with all you need to capture a unique photograph.

Ready to use

Pre-loaded with photographic paper, Solarcan is a complete camera package with precision drilled pinhole plus cover, instructions, fastenings and a handy storage tube.

How does it work?

Inside the Solarcan is a 5x7" piece of high grade Ilford photographic paper. Once the black tab (pictured) is peeled away, revealing the pinhole lens, light can pass through. Over time this will gradually scorch the path the Sun is taking through the sky. Because the Solarcan is machine sealed no liquid will pass through to damage the paper inside.

Once you've run out of patience (hopefully after several months) you simply remove the photographic paper from inside and scan or snap with a camera and invert to see your final image!