• Sigma 16mm f1.4 DC DN - Fuji X Mount

Sigma 16mm f1.4 DC DN - Fuji X Mount


Introducing a new high-performance, large-diameter wide-angle lens

A new solution for mirrorless camera users combining F1.4 brightness and a compact body.
Offering an opportunity to experience 
the fun of shooting wide open, with F1.4 brightness

Control algorithms including AF drive and communication speed optimisation have been developed specifically for X Mount interchangeable lenses. In addition to supporting high-speed AF, the lens also supports AF-C (Continuous AF) and in-camera aberration correction (supported cameras only). The mount is rubber-sealed to cater for use in a variety of environments.

These lenses are currently available in four other mounts – Sony E-mount, Canon EF-M mount, Micro Four Thirds mount and L-Mount – with X Mount becoming the fifth. More lenses will be added to SIGMA’s X Mount lineup in the future. As a leading lens manufacturer, SIGMA continues to strive to meet the expectations of its customers with an expanded lineup of lenses and mounts for mirrorless cameras.