• Sensor Cleaning Service

Sensor Cleaning Service


If you see grey or black marks on your images you're not going crazy and it's not cause for concern, it probably means your camera needs to be cleaned. Sensors in our cameras are Statically charged and attract dust, these marks on your images are tiny dust specs that need removing. 

Your camera will go through a process that completely removes any dust specs off your camera sensor

How it works

  1. Please fill the information in above 
    1. Decide if you want to drop off your camera in store or if you wanted us to collect the camera from you
    2. Select how many cameras you need to be cleaned
    3. Let us know what cameras we are cleaning
    4. Add the Serial number of your cameras
    5. Add any comment you wanted to tell our cleaning team ( not Required )
  2. Drop off your camera to the shop in colwyn bay or you will receive an email regarding if we are collecting from you
  3. We clean your Camera ( this normally take 24 hours to complete )
  4. Lastly we will let you know when your camera is ready for collection or when we will be shipping it back to you

Addition information

Cleaning Process

We use a wet cleaning process to clean your cameras, consisting of swabs and solutions specifically designed for the make and model of your camera. The materials that we use are made of a company called Visible Dust. We also sell these products on our webstore if you feel confident cleaning a camera yourself.

Turn around time

We want to take our time when cleaning your camera to make sure we remove all the bust spots. That's why our Standard turnaround time is 24 hours, in busy times the might extend slightly but we would notify you straight away if this was the chase.