• Phot-R  60x60cm Egg Crate Grid for Softbox

Phot-R 60x60cm Egg Crate Grid for Softbox


  • This grid is a light control device that attaches to the front of a 60cm x 60cm softbox. It can be added to our softboxes by attaching it onto the 5cm velcro that is around the edge of it.
  • Particularly useful for photographers that are shooting in tight locations as it helps to tighten the total coverage area.
  • It directs the beam of light by eliminating the edge light only, for a more focused spread, precise control and softer shadow definition.
  • It adds directionality similar to a reflector, while maintaining a soft quality of lights.
  • Unlike rigid grids, these fabric grids are extremely light weight and fold flat for transport