• Nissin Di866 MkII Flash - Sony
  • Nissin Di866 MkII Flash - Sony

Nissin Di866 MkII Flash - Sony


Mastering light is the quickest way to gaining more professional results from your digital camera. A shortcut to achieving this is to add an accessory flashgun, making it a fantastic investment. The Nissin Di866 Mark II offers fits for Canon, Nikon and Sony cameras and Guide Number (ISO100): 60m, 198ft. (105mm), 40m, 132ft. (35mm).

Comprehensive range of flash functions

Supporting Canon E-TTL/E-TTL II, Nikon i-TTL/i-TTL-BL and Sony ADI/P-TTL, the light from the flash is automatically controlled by your camera, with the added advantage that the flash exposure value can be adjusted to compensate. In Manual mode, flash power can be adjusted manually through 22 stops, from full power to 1/128 power in 1/3 stops. Helpfully the appropriate distance to the subject is shown in the display in accordance with the aperture value set on the camera.

In Av priority mode the flash light can be automatically controlled by the flash's integral photo sensor instead of via TTL metering. The f-stop can be set from f/1.4 to f/16, and the distance at the f-stop set on the flash and camera is shown in the display.

In Multi-flash mode the power ratio can be set from 1/8 to 1/128.

And much more...