• Nikon WR-R11A Remote Controller

Nikon WR-R11A Remote Controller

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Experience the convenience of wireless remote control with the Nikon WR-R11A Remote Controller. Perfect for long exposures, this wireless radio remote controller allows you to control shutter release, exposure, and focus from up to 328.1 feet away. With its quick-response time and easy setup, you can capture all the shots you need.

Photographers can use the WR-T10 or WR-1 to simultaneously release the shutter on multiple cameras that have a WR-R11a unit attached and have been paired with the WR-T10/WR-1.

Range (line of sight) from the WR-T10 to WR-R11a is 66 feet (20 meters).

Range (line of sight) from WR-R11a (acting as a master unit) to WR-R10 or WR-11a/b units is 164 feet (50 meters).

  • Advanced Wireless Lighting can be used with Nikon Speedlights.
  • Up to 18 Speedlights can be paired to the WR-R11a on a camera.
  • Communication distance between the WR-R11a on the camera and the Speedlight is approximately 30 meters.