• Nikon Power Battery Pack MB-N11

Nikon Power Battery Pack MB-N11


Equipped with a shutter button, AF-ON button, Fn button, main / sub command dial, and multi-selector, which are convenient for vertical shooting. The feeling of pressing the shutter button, the feeling of turning each dial, the arrangement and feeling of pressing the AF-ON button, etc., are the same as those of the camera body. In addition, while ensuring high grip performance when shooting in the vertical position, the grip feeling when shooting in the horizontal position is also improved. High stability can be obtained even when a telephoto lens is attached. Up to two Li-ion rechargeable batteries EN-EL15c can be loaded to expand the number of frames that can be taken for still images and the time that can be taken for movies. It can be attached to the camera for USB power supply (when the power is on) and charging (when the power is off).

● Supports hot swap that allows battery replacement while continuing shooting.
● The dust-proof and drip-proof performance equivalent to that of Z 7II and Z 6II is ensured, and it can be used safely for outdoor interval timer shooting.