• Manfrotto Unpadded Tripod Bag 80cm

Manfrotto Unpadded Tripod Bag 80cm


The Manfrotto MBAG80N is an unpadded tripod bag, which is slightly tapered to provide a better fit for your tripod with attached head. The wider end of the bag accommodates the head without requiring all levers to be removed. Please note; the internal length of this tripod bag is 77cm.

Key Features: Manfrotto MBAG80N Tripod Bag 80cm

  • Logo end cap is padded to offer protection to the tripod head, the rest of the bag is unpadded
  • Shoulder strap included (this bag does not have an either end or side handle)
  • Innovative design and style; ballistic nylon, zips and other materials used are of top quality
  • Asymmetric tapered shape allows you to store the tripod with the head attached. Tripod legs fit comfortably in the narrower end
  • Main zipper extends down the full length of the bag while wrapping around the top area to easily open and grab your tripod
  • Thermoform padding for the head protects the tripod head during transport