• Lenspen DSLR Cleaning Kit

Lenspen DSLR Cleaning Kit


The Lenspen DSLR Cleaning Kit includes all the tools you need to keep your camera, lens and filters clean and well-maintained.

Pristine photography

This handy cleaning kit includes the award-winning Lenspen original cleaning pen and a FilterKlear pen for effectively removing dust, marks and fingerprints.

The pens feature a retractable brush with soft, natural bristles that gently remove dirt particles.

There is also a chamois cleaning tip that follows the contours of your lens or filter. A special non-fluid carbon cleaning compound inside the pen cap ensures long-lasting and efficient cleaning performance.

Cloth and blower

AMicroKlear suede microfibre cloth absorbs the grime without dispersing chemicals, leaving your DSLR completely immaculate.

With the powerful Hurricane Blower you can safely blast clean air into the lens or camera body to remove unwanted dust and debris.

Treat your DSLR with love and care and give it a spruce-up with the Lenspen DSLR Cleaning Kit.