• Lee ClearLEE Filter Cleaning Kit

Lee ClearLEE Filter Cleaning Kit


In the course of the average photographic day, filters can be exposed to all sorts of potentially damaging conditions from rain to sand to salt spray from the sea, not to mention ending up covered in grubby fingerprints from being handled.

Keeping filters clean not only increases their lifespan, it also means images retain their clarity and sharpness, as the sort of softness that arises as a result of using a dirty filter can be almost impossible to correct in post production as many photographers will have learned to their cost.

ClearLEE Filter Wash quickly developed a reputation for being a highly effective filter cleaner, and has developed a loyal following among photographers. Manufactured to LEE Filters’ own formulation, it is designed to cut through dirt and grease quickly, efficiently and above all, safely. Being suitable for use on both resin and glass filters, it is equally as effective on Stopper and ND grads as it is on the newer, high-end ProGlass IRND filters.

LEE Filters has now made the ClearLEE Filter Wash available as a Cleaning Kit, combining the filter wash in its 50ml aluminium spray bottle with a brand new microfibre cloth. Together, they give ensure your filters remain free of marks and smudges, allowing you to get on with the job of creating images. The 50ml bottle is small enough to fit in the pocket of a camera bag, so it’s on hand whenever it’s needed while out on a shoot.