• Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter

Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter


The 105mm Landscape Polarising filter from Lee is a slim, circular glass filter specially designed for landscape photographers using wide-angle lenses on full-frame DSLRs. Its sleek, ultra-thin design allows the use of wider lenses, such as a 17mm, and will also prevent any unwanted vignetting that's associated with filters that have a thicker frame. The filter will remove potentially distracting reflections from non-metallic surfaces and it features a subtle tint of warmth to help boost the colours (greens and blues) associated with landscape photography.

Lee 105mm Landscape Polarising Filter:

  • 105mm rotating polariser with circular thread
  • Ideal for landscape photographers
  • Minimises glare and light reflected from non-metallic objects (eg. glass, water)
  • Slimmer version to avoid vignetting
  • For use with 16/17mm wideangle lenses
  • Suitable on full-frame
  • Features a slightly warm tint (boosts reds, browns, greens)