• Lee 100 Solid ND - Super Stopper (15 Stops)

Lee 100 Solid ND - Super Stopper (15 Stops)


The Lee 100x100mm Super Stopper ND glass filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens by 15 stops. Its 4.5 density and 32,000 (15 stop) filter factor means that an ordinary 2-second exposure will take over 17 hours to expose through the filter, allowing you to photograph with a wider aperture or slower shutter speed in bright daylight. By greatly extending exposure times the Super Stopper has the effect of allowing anything that is moving in your image to become blurred or ghost-like (e.g. clouds, water, people, traffic, etc.). Compatible with the Lee 100mm Filter Holder (not included).

Lee 100mm Super Stopper: Key Features

  • 15 stop 100x100mm glass ND filter
  • Most powerful in the Stopper range
  • Compatible with the Lee 100mm Filter Holder (Foundation Kit)
  • Perfect for long exposure and landscape photography
  • Ideal for use in daylight
  • Normal 2-sec exposure = 17 hours to expose
  • Filter factor: 3200 / Density: 4.5
  • Includes metal protective case
  • Compatible with the Lee 100mm Filter Holder/Foundation Kit
  • Lee Filter Holder required
  • Lee Adaptor Ring required (check your lens' thread size)

Why use a Super Stopper?

  • Allow exposure times to be extended
  • Has the effect of making anything that is moving become blurred or ghost-like
  • Capture a real sense of time passing in your images
  • Great for landscapes, crowds of people, traffic, or anything in motion
  • 15 stops of light-reducing power allows you to shoot in bright conditions