• LEE 100mm ND 0.9 Grad Very Hard Filter

LEE 100mm ND 0.9 Grad Very Hard Filter


The Lee 100mm Neutral Density (ND) 0.9 Graduated Very Hard filter enables users to adjust the exposure across the frame by 3 stops, without affecting colour balance. The 100 x 150 mm Very Hard ND grad is perfect for scenes such as seascapes that feature a defined horizon line. The transition between the coated and clear sections of the filter is extremely sharp, allowing for precision separation between the filtered and unfiltered areas of the frame. Lee 100mm Filter Holder (i.e. Foundation Kit) and Adapter Ring required, not included.

LEE 100mm ND 0.9 Grad Very Hard

  • 0.9 Neutral Density
  • Reduces exposure by 3 stops
  • Colour balance is not affected
  • Retains the detail in the sky
  • Avoids a washed-out white look
  • Measures 100 x 150 mm
  • Requires Lee 100mm Holder
  • Check your lens to see what size Adapter Ring you need