• Lee 100 Graduated ND Hard Filter - ND 0.6 (2 Stops)

Lee 100 Graduated ND Hard Filter - ND 0.6 (2 Stops)


Lee Neutral Density Hard Grad

They are almost an essential part in modern landscape photography on both digital and film cameras and come in a range of strengths denoting the light stopping power of the filter. This 0.6 filter reduces the light by up to 2 stops.

Compatible with both digital and film photography 
Whatever format you shoot, ND Grads help cameras record scenes more like we see them - with a broad tonal range that's lost if not captured in the moment.

Precise creative control 
There is a place in landscape photography for both hard and soft grads. Which one you decide to use will depend mainly on the subject matter of your image.

As a general rule, a hard grad would be used for images containing a horizon, or any hard transition between the sky and the foreground - even with jagged or mountainous horizons, the exposure can be controlled far easier with a hard grad.

Soft grads perform best in woodland, mist, or interiors. Anywhere where there is no definite transition between sky and foreground, a soft grad will gently balance exposure across the image.