• Kenko Smart Circular Polarising Slim Filter - 72mm

Kenko Smart Circular Polarising Slim Filter - 72mm


The Kenko 72mm Smart Circular Polariser is an ultra-slim filter specially designed to reduce reflections and glare from non-metallic surfaces, such as water and glass. It will also help to greatly reduce the softness which can be caused by atmospheric haze and will improve colour saturation as well as contrast in subjects such as blue skies and clouds. The Kenko Smart circular polarising filter has been designed with a slim frame to reduce vignetting on wide-angle lenses and is rotatable to allow full control over the effect.

The Key Features

  • Ideal for landscape photographers
  • Removes reflections from non-metallic surfaces and increases colour saturation
  • Rotating Slim Frame - ideal for use on wide-angles lenses
  • Optimised for digital cameras