• Kenko 55mm Smart MC UV Slim Filter (370)

Kenko 55mm Smart MC UV Slim Filter (370)


  • UV Cut Glass - Absorbs UV Wavelengths up to 370nm
  • Multi-Coated Surfaces - helps prevents flare and ghosting
  • Slim Frame - ideal for use on wide-angles lenses. Optimised for digital cameras

This MC UV370 filter effectively absorbs ultraviolet rays which often make outdoor photographs hazy and less crisp. This is a good multi-purpose filter that can be left on the lens at all time for protection. The filter is multi-coated on both side of the glass to reduce the chance of reflections or flare that could ruin a good shot.
Box Contents: Kenko 55mm SMART MC UV(370)
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 43g
Country of Origin: Philippines