• Kenko Smart ND8 Filter - 46mm

Kenko Smart ND8 Filter - 46mm

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  • Reduces light entering lens so slower shutter speeds or wider apertures can be used
  • Slim Aluminium Frame - ideal for use on wide-angle lenses
  • Enable 8-times longer shutter speeds

This Neural Density filter reduces the amount of light entering your lens by 3 stops, without affecting the colour of the image. This instantly allows 8-times longer shutter speed instead of reducing the apeture to limit light instanly. Neutral Density filters are widely used for photographs of waterfalls, oceans, other landscapes and urban environments to blur or emphasize movement. They also allow reduced depth of field for daylight portraits and can even make fast moving objects disappear completely.


Box Contents: Kenko 46mm SMART ND8
Guarantee Period: 1 Year
Net Weight: 39g
Country of Origin: Philippines