• Irix 11mm f4.0 Blackstone - Canon EF Mount
  • Irix 11mm f4.0 Blackstone - Canon EF Mount
  • Irix 11mm f4.0 Blackstone - Canon EF Mount

Irix 11mm f4.0 Blackstone - Canon EF Mount


Widen your point of view with the new Irix 11mm f/4 Blackstone Ultra Wide Angle Lens (CANON) is designed to deliver the best optical performance and match the demands of full frame DSLR cameras. Providing a focal length of 11mm, this new lens model is perfect for landscape and astro photography. Special features such as focus lock, infinity click! and focus scale calibration set a new level of manual focus lens functionality. Thanks to sophisticated optical construction and special neutrino coating formula, colour aberration, ghosting and flare effects have been reduced to a minimum. With a minimum focusing distance of 0.28 metres and 9 rounded shaped aperture blades, the lens offers a stunning bokeh.

The Irix lenses are in two varieties: 'Blackstone' and 'Firefly.' The Irix Blackstone features a magnesium and aluminium body able to withstand 'extreme conditions,' while the Irix Firefly models are lighter, made from lightweight durable plastic. and offer approximately 12% weight saving.

This is the Blackstone, Premium version, which has a durable body made with aluminium-magnesium alloy, that ensures foolproof protection of the lens, even in extreme situations. Its construction is equipped with four seals, that protect the camera mount and focusing mechanism against the dust and moisture, as well as front or side accidental water splashes. Engraved fluorescent markings enable easy read-out and operation in low light conditions.

Ingenious functionality of the Irix 11mm f/4

To the family of Irix lenses joins a lens with focal length of 11mm and aperture f/4. After Irix 15mm f/2.4, Irix 11mm inherited the same, advanced tech solutions such as: handy focus lock mechanism, extremely useful infinity click feature and very intuitive and user-friendly hyperfocal scale. A rear gelatin filter slot is another premium feature of this lens.

Need a lens with weather resistence?

All Irix lenses can be used in even the harshest weather conditions. Both versions of 11mm are equipped with a weather sealed construction that protects the interior against dust and moisture. Thanks to inner seals they are also protected from accidental water splashes – two seals are around focus ring and one seal on bayonet mount.

Ultra wide point of view

Offers a minimal barrel distortion of 3.13% and astonishing diagonal angle of view of 126 degrees. Combining these two qualities together makes that lens an ideal tool for both outdoor and indoor photography - whether it is photojournalism, landscapes or architecture. Encompassing capabilities specific to analogue photography with ingenious technology and solutions, Irix 11mm f/4 is perfect equipment for both professionals and enthusiasts.

Whats In the Box

Irix 11mm F4 Blackstone Ultra Wide Angle lens - CANON EF Mount, Lens hood, front lens caps, rear cap, hard lens case