• Hoya 77mm PRO ND EX 1000
  • Hoya 77mm PRO ND EX 1000

Hoya 77mm PRO ND EX 1000


The Hoya 77mm PRO ND EX 1000 is a professional-grade neutral density filter designed to help reduce the amount of light entering your camera lens. Its high quality glass construction and 1000x filter factor provides a 10 stop exposure reduction. You can use the filter to slow down your shutter speed, creating unique and inspiring effects.

  • Provides a light reduction of 10 Stops, equivalent to 3.0 optical density
  • HOYA's exclusively designed ACCU-ND technology provides truly neutral colour balance
  • Designed for both photographers and filmmakers
  • Anti-reflection coating on both sides of the filter
  • Made in Japan