• Hoya Pro ND 1000 Filter (10 Stops) - 55mm

Hoya Pro ND 1000 Filter (10 Stops) - 55mm

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The Hoya 55mm Pro ND 1000 Filter opens up a world of creative possibilities and is designed to reduce light from entering the lens by up to 10 f/stops, without affecting colour balance. This 10 stop neutral density filter allows you to use slower shutter speeds than would normally be possible. An ND filter is the ideal accessory for keen landscape photographers who want to take their images to the next step and is often used to make the clouds look soft and blurry, or to give waterfalls and seascapes a smooth, ghostly look. All Hoya Pro filters have a low-profile one piece aluminium frame to keep the glass secure and parallel to the sensor, while allowing it to be used with super-wide angle lenses. This filter screws on the end of your lens and is designed for lenses that feature a 55mm filter thread (check end of your lens for thread size).

Key Features

  • Light Reduction: 10 Stops
  • Screws onto the end of your lens
  • Equivalent Optical Density: 3.0
  • Low-Profile 1-piece Aluminium ring (keeps glass secure & parallel to sensor, ideal for super-wide angle lenses)
  • 55mm filter thread size (check the end of your lens to identify the filter size you need