• Harman Phoenix 200 135-36 35mm Colour Film
  • Harman Phoenix 200 135-36 35mm Colour Film
  • Harman Phoenix 200 135-36 35mm Colour Film
  • Harman Phoenix 200 135-36 35mm Colour Film

Harman Phoenix 200 135-36 35mm Colour Film



Introducing HARMAN Phoenix 200, a revolutionary ISO 200 colour negative film designed to capture the authentic 'analog' look and feel!

This marks a groundbreaking achievement as the first-ever colour film crafted entirely from emulsion to cassette within the HARMAN technology factory in Mobberley, signifying a significant and thrilling milestone.

This unconventional and experimental film yields high-contrast images featuring a distinctive visible grain, along with vibrant, punchy colours, setting it apart from any other color film on the market.

With a DX coded cassette and an ISO 200 box speed, Phoenix allows for ratings between ISO 100 and 400, excelling in well-lit and consistent lighting conditions. It's essential to note that shooting on brighter days or against the light may result in potential halation.

Achieving the right exposure is key to optimal results, and we recommend metering for mid-tones to preserve shadow and highlight details. Phoenix isn't particularly fond of over or underexposure, so precision is crucial!

Embrace the unexpected and relish the unpredictability of shooting film, as this unique film not only delivers uniquely coloured negatives but also offers the potential for chance encounters with coating anomalies. Manage your expectations and savor the overall experience!


Development: Standard C41 processing


What to expect

  • Strong visible grain.
  • Punchy colours that can react differently depending on scanner settings.
  • Strong greens, good reds, and vibrant blues.
  • Possibility of halation.
  • Some coating anomalies.


Getting the best out of HARMAN Phoenix 200

  • Shoot in good, consistent light.
  • Get your exposure correct.
  • Works well for most subjects but…
  • Works best for scenes and subjects that fills the frame.



Much like the legendary Phoenix, this novel film embodies hope, renewal, and transformation. It marks the inception of a fresh legacy for HARMAN, heralding the commencement of a thrilling new era for one of the globe's foremost photographic film manufacturers.

While being their inaugural colour film, it does come with some distinctive traits. Nevertheless, it serves as a declaration of purpose for the company, with proceeds from this film contributing to the enhancement and refinement of their formulations, coating capabilities, and colour technology. The overarching objective is to ensure that every subsequent HARMAN colour film surpasses its predecessor in quality and innovation.