• Hama Photo Shoe Mount with Tripod Thread

Hama Photo Shoe Mount with Tripod Thread

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  • For connecting recording accessories without a standard shoe, but with 1/4" connection thread
  • Tripod threads (A 1/4"/6.4 mm) and 2 locking nuts
  • Foot without threaded hole for attachment and secure fastening to the camera or rail´s flash shoe


  • Give light the opportunity to create a perfect photo with the Hama Accessory Shoe.

    The Hama Accessory Shoe allows for secure mounting and locking onto the flash shoe; the flash shoe is a fundamental piece of equipment for eliminating the possibility that the flash may work itself loose. The flash shoe ensures the flash stays in place; the accessory shoe ensures the flash shoe stays in place, working together all the pieces empower you to take a brilliant picture with the perfect amount of light.

    Nothing functions without light as far as photographs are concerned. The right amount of light for a photo is often achieved by the use of artificial flash lights. This is the case because of too much darkness; flash light also serves as an “artistic creation element”, whereby manipulating the light can create different effects within the photo.

    The flash unit is very important for portraits in the backlight in order to avoid underexposed subjects/scenes or cast shadows. Therefore you have to make certain that your flash is adequately secured, Hama have developed a whole range of products for this purpose starting with the Accessory Shoe, which has a ¼” screw and 2 locking nuts for easy and secure installation.

What's in the Box

  • 1 attachable foot