Featuring Fujifilm's newest sensor and processor, the X100VI stands out as the first X100 Series digital camera to incorporate in-body image stabilization.


A “One and Only” compact Fujifilm digital camera with sophisticated design and intuitive operability. In a classic body style.

The X100VI represents the sixth iteration of the renowned X100 Series, retaining its beloved design and compact form factor. It introduces to the X100 series of cameras, the cutting-edge 40.2 megapixel X-Trans™ CMOS 5 HR※1 sensor and the high-speed X-Processor 5 image processing engine, ensuring superior image quality and performance. Additionally, it pioneers in-body image stabilization, offering up to 6.0 stops※2 for the first time in the X100 Series, all while preserving its characteristic portability and minimal weight increase from the previous model, X100V. This enables photographers to seamlessly capture a diverse array of scenes and scenarios with the X100VI.

The X100VI is a digital camera that seamlessly merges its distinctive "The One and Only" design and usability with remarkable features aimed at delivering unparalleled image excellence. Catering to a broad spectrum of users, from seasoned professionals to enthusiastic creatives, it offers the sheer delight of owning a camera coupled with the wonder of photography itself.


Product Features

(1) X-Trans™ CMOS 5 HR and X-Processor 5 deliver high image quality and high performance

The X100VI boasts a back-illuminated X-Trans™ CMOS 5 HR sensor, packing approximately 40.2 megapixels. This sensor flaunts an exceptional pixel arrangement, enabling superior light capture compared to any previous X100 Series camera. Notably, ISO 125, previously offered as an extended sensitivity option on the X100V, is now a native setting on the X100VI. Furthermore, when paired with the 23mm F2.0 lens, capable of accommodating higher resolution sensors, the X100VI produces crisp, high-resolution images with remarkable sharpness.

The X100VI features 20 Film Simulation modes in total, introducing the new "REALA ACE" mode to impart images with a varied spectrum of unique tones. With "REALA ACE," users can expect accurate color rendering and enhanced contrast, rendering it ideal for a wide array of subjects and scenarios.

The X100VI integrates a remarkable autofocus prediction algorithm, ensuring dependable focus tracking even during continuous shooting of moving subjects. Leveraging the X-Processor 5's subject detection AF, the X100VI accurately follows a variety of subjects. Developed with deep-learning AI technology, it can detect animals, birds, cars, motorcycles, bicycles, airplanes, trains, insects, and drones*.

*Subject detection setting should be on "Bird" to detect insects, and on “Aircraft" to detect drones.


(2) Enhanced high performance to further expand the shooting range

The X100VI marks the inaugural inclusion of a 5-axis, in-body image stabilization function with up to 6.0 stops in the X100 Series. Although this newly developed system results in a slight uptick in weight and size compared to previous X100 Series models, it maintains exceptional mobility without any compromise.

The "Advanced Hybrid Viewfinder" permits users to seamlessly switch between the optical viewfinder (OVF) and the electronic viewfinder (EVF), staying true to the rangefinder-style photography essence synonymous with the X100 Series. Featuring a high-resolution OLED panel boasting approximately 3.69 million dots, the EVF elevates the immersive shooting experience to new heights.

The "Electronic Range Finder" (ERF) function enables the display of a compact EVF alongside the optical viewfinder (OVF), enabling photographers to compose shots through the OVF while magnifying the focused area in the EVF, thereby enhancing the viewfinder's versatility. This feature proves particularly handy for quick snapshots and similar scenarios.

The X100VI introduces 6.2K/30P movie recording to the X100 Series for the first time. Additionally, it features a tracking AF function during movie capture, ensuring the production of high-quality content.

The X100VI seamlessly integrates with Frame.io Camera to Cloud without the need for extra accessories. Users can wirelessly connect the camera to an available internet connection, authenticate to Frame.io, and instantly upload photos and videos shortly after capture. This streamlined process significantly accelerates the workflow, from shooting to final editing.

(3) Sophisticated product design with the ultimate in functional beauty

Similar to its predecessor, the X100V, the X100VI maintains the use of aluminum for its top and bottom surfaces. Aluminum, known for its versatility in shaping, undergoes pressing and machining to achieve sharp edges, while its surface is finely blasted for a smooth texture. Furthermore, anodized aluminum is applied to the surface, enhancing the overall quality and appearance.

The X100VI features an ultra-thin tilt LCD monitor, mirroring the design innovation seen in the X100V. Its sleek, integrated body design facilitates versatile shooting from various angles, whether high or low. Combining high touch-response performance with intuitive operability, the X100VI not only excels in functionality but also boasts a striking aesthetic appeal.

The grip's shape has been fine-tuned to provide an optimal feel. Rear buttons on the X100VI have been strategically relocated for effortless operation with the right hand, facilitating comfortable shooting while using the viewfinder.


(4) Rich accessories expand photographic field

The X100VI offers weather resistance when paired with the optional AR-X100 adapter ring and the PRF-49 protection filter alongside its lens. This feature empowers users to capture images even in adverse weather conditions, providing reassurance during unexpected weather occurs.

The optional LH-X100 lens hood from Fujifilm is fully compatible with the X100VI. Crafted with precision from lightweight machined metal, this hood features a clever design with a slit, ensuring it doesn't obstruct the viewfinder while providing effective light shielding.


Two types of conversion lenses* allow the user to change the focal length without changing the optical performance of X100VI, thereby enhancing the photographic field.
 1) Wide conversion lens (WCL-X100 II)
WCL-X100 II is a dedicated wide conversion lens that multiplies the fixed focal length by approx. 0.8x, converting it to 28mm (35mm format equivalent).
 2) Tele conversion lens (TCL-X100 II)
TCL-X100 II is a dedicated tele-conversion lens for narrowing the field of view by multiplying the fixed focal length by approx. 1.4x, converting it to 50mm (35mm format equivalent).
*Sold separately


Adding the separately offered LC-X100V genuine leather case gives the X100VI a luxurious appearance. The memory card and battery can be inserted and removed without removing the camera from the case.