• VisibleDust EZ Kit DualPower-X Regular Strength (1.3x)

VisibleDust EZ Kit DualPower-X Regular Strength (1.3x)


  • More versatile than single liquid
  • Switching liquids enhances cleaning
  • Better value than single liquid
  • Easier to remove a tough stain

Most current sensor technology utilises water repellent hydrophobic coating to reduce stains. Vdust Plus™ is an excellent alcohol-based cleaning solution with fast evaporating quality ideal for removal of water stains and compatible with hydrophobic sensor coating. However, alcohol has poor cleaning quality for most common types of stains. On the other hand, Sensor Clean™ is an excellent cleaning solution powerful enough to remove organic and saliva stains but is water-based.

Since simple visual inspection can not determine the nature of stain light or heavy, the first start with either liquid, if the stain is removed, Stop. Otherwise switch liquid, use a new swab proceed with cleaning. Do not add two liquids to the same swab. Use each liquid with a separate swab. Always swab in the same direction.

Sensor Clean™ has many characteristics that make it an excellent choice for cleaning your sensor. While it is best used on water-based stains and light dust contamination, it also provides excellent dust repellent properties and anti-fogging capabilities. Sensor Clean™ works best with VisibleDust MXD-100 Green Series Swabs.

VDust Plus™ multi-ingredient, Iso alcoholic solution, removes oil fast, evaporates fast, streak-free motion compatible with both DHAP orange and Ultra MXD-100 green Vswab.

Green MXD-100 Vswab® patented V shape results in best manoeuvrability inside the chamber, V shape results in inhomogeneous motion, it cleans corner the best due to its V shape, compatible with all three solutions, multi-fabric ensures best results for oil and smear removal, its soft texture is safe on a coated sensor, best used for fluorine coated sensor, streak-free motion.

This Kit includes:
  • Green Vswabs® size-specific (5 per pack)
  • Liquid cleaner Sensor Clean™ (1.15 ml)
  • Liquid cleaner VDust Plus™ (1.15 ml)