• Benro Rhino Series 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with VX25 Head

Benro Rhino Series 2 Carbon Fiber Travel Tripod with VX25 Head


  • Dual Panoramic Ball Head
  • Auto-hold leg trigger
  • Lightweight aluminium leg spider design
  • Converts to monopod
  • Extended centre column locking knob
  • Ergonomic twist locks

Benro Rhino Series 2 Carbon Fibre Travel Tripod with VX25 Head

The new VX ball heads offer simple dual action controls—on/off with built in friction control and an independent pan lock. The head has a dual 360* panoramic function, so not only the base rotate, but so does the quick release platform. Both the Arca—compatible QR plate and platform have been designed to save weight without sacrificing stability. There is a safety lock to prevent accidental plate removal.

All Rhino tripods use carbon tubes which are produced from a new braided material that offers greater rigidity and capacity with no increase in weight

To adjust the tripod height, high quality ergonomic rubber coated leg locks have been designed to provide comfort and grip while providing excellent protection against dirt and water

All the major castings are produced from magnesium alloy and designed especially to keep weight to a minimum while not sacrificing strength

A lengthened locking mechanism and lock knob for the centre column means that it will be more secure when extended

All Rhino models feature a removable leg which can be attached to the centre column and create a full size monopod

The rubber feet have three flat steps in their profile to offer best possible stability regardless of the leg angle. A set of three spiked feet and a tripod carry bag are also included



  • Load Capacity: 39.68
  • Maximum Height: 66.34"
  • Minimum Height: 19.1"
  • Folded Length: 19.29"