• Benro G3 Ball head

Benro G3 Ball head

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  • Magnesium alloy ball head
  • Low Profile
  • Arca-swiss compatible
  • Friction control
  • Fluid like movement 
  • Pull & twist safety lock

Benro G3 Ball head

The G3 head is from the most advanced range of magnesium alloy ball heads that feature a low-profile design for uncompromising strength and camera support. The ball is hard anodised, then hand polished for an ultra-smooth finish for fluid like movement when positioning your camera.

Head controls include a main ball on/off lock knob, which incorporates a friction control and there is an independent pan lock. To set the friction control to suit your camera weight or type of photography, position the main ball lock knob to the locked position and then rotate the friction dial to the right or left to tighten or loosen the friction respectively.

Once set this will be the default position each time you unlock the ball lock knob. The G2 and G3 heads are supplied with an Arca-compatible quick release plate that features a ‘pull & twist’ safety lock. .



  • Lоаd Сарасіtу: 16 kg
  • Ваll Ѕрhеrе Dіаmеtеr: 54 mm
  • Quісk Rеlеаѕе: Yеѕ, Аrса-tуре соmраtіblе
  • Вubblе Lеvеl: Yеѕ
  • Frісtіоn Соntrоl: Yеѕ
  • Ѕераrаtе Раnnіng Lосk: Yеѕ
  • Тrіроd Моunt Тhrеаd Ѕіzе: 3/8"-16
  • Неіght: 96 mm
  • Ваѕе Dіаmеtеr: 71 mm
  • Wеіght: 740 g