We know the pain of broken equipment. Fear not, we can help get you back on your photographic feet.


If your camera is under manufacturers warranty and it was purchased from us, we do all the work of getting your camera back to them and returned repaired free of charge or replaced . We do have a good relationship with the companies we deal with and can usually handle your repair fairly quickly. Another bonus when buying off us, if your camera does require sending off for repairs and you have a fairly important event coming up, we will make sure you have a camera to use whilst yours is away.

Non-guarantee repairs. Simple steps to bringing your equipment to us for repair. Our staff usually has a good idea if your equipment is worth sending off for a repair. If we feel it’s uneconomical we will advise you in the shop before you go to any unwanted expense. Other than that we require a £30 estimate fee to cover the cost of courier and manufacturers inspection fee. We then send it to the manufacturer who sends us a repair report. This usually takes 2 weeks at the most. Once you have decided to go ahead they will start the repair and this takes an additional couple of weeks. Please note the £30 you paid initially gets deducted off the repair.

If you don’t go ahead with an estimate the £30 is non refundable.



We can fix many minor issues with cameras.


Sometimes your camera (replace as required with telescope, binoculars, tripod, even computer) misbehaves, the batteries don’t last as long as they should, the pop-up flash is a little loose, and numerous other gremlin caused issues. These small issues often don’t need to be sent a way. We have on numerous occasions fixed minor issues, in the same time it takes to make a cuppa. Saving you not only money but also time without your precious camera or telescope etc.