Shimoda Inserts

Camera Inserts are an amazing modular development for camera bags, but previous designs have suffered from limited uses as well as excess weight and materials. Most insert designs force you into a single size choice that often leads to numerous expensive purchases of different sized inserts to satisfy various packing needs.

We rethought modular camera inserts. Shimoda offers multi-configurable Core Units in Small and Medium sizes. Combined or alone they allow for side, rear and top access configurations. Our 2-size system offers over 10 insert configurations to customise the amount of camera and adventure gear for the day ahead of you.

Shimoda Core Units are constructed with compression molded EVA sidewalls and dividers providing optimal protection without excess weight or materials.

Additionally, each Shimoda Core Unit features a removable Skin, which can be used in the following ways:

• A sealed dust-free storage case when your camera gear is not in use.
• A packing cell for an added layer of organization for loose items like clothing, food and safety equipment.
• A convenient, lightweight shoulder bag (with camera insert) for a quick hike out of basecamp or a walk around a new city.