• OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body
  • OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body

OM System OM-1 Digital Camera Body


  • 120 Frames per second continuous shooting

  • IP53 Weather sealing to be ready for anything

  • 8.0 EV stops of stabilization performance

  • Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor

  • 1,053 point all cross quad pixel AF

  • Vastly improved face detection


As the flagship of the mirrorless OM system, the OM-1 is equipped with the industry's latest technology to realize your most creative ideas. Please pick it up and be amazed at its compact size, how it fits naturally in your hand and how little effort it takes to lift it. Break free from heavy, bulky cameras and tripods with the world's best image stabilization system for shooting sharp handheld shots even in low light. Weather sealing lets you work without worry in adverse conditions. You'll have the speed and precision to capture the impossible and take your photos and video to new, exciting places.


Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor
Our 20MP Stacked BSI Live MOS is a leap forward for image quality. It uses a revolutionary new way of arranging imaging elements to let more light while boosting low light performance. Your photos will have breathtaking resolution with low noise and a rich, dynamic range of expression from shadows to highlights.


Low light photography
Never sweat shooting indoors or another low light situation again. It features a standard ISO range of up to 25,600. When light is hard to come by, you can increase the ISO to 102,400 to capture bright photos in the most challenging environments.


Even better IBIS
Stop worrying about camera shake even at slow shutter speeds. We've spent decades developing the world's most effective image stabilization system so you can be free from tripods and other stabilizing equipment to shoot spectacular handheld, telephoto and macro shots. You'll have up to 8 steps* of compensation that eliminate camera shake even at slow shutter speeds. Take bright, blur-free photos even in challenging low light settings.


TruePic X
The OM-1 is equipped with our cutting-edge TruePic X image processing chip that works with the Stacked BSI Live MOS Sensor. The TruePic X delivers blazing start-up and writing speeds, exhilarating autofocusing and mind-blowingly fast sequential shooting. Besides speed, this revamped processing chip raises the bar with image quality. Enjoy the true-to-life colour, unmatched sharpness, and vibrant gradations.


Live ND

Who needs to carry ND filters when your camera has them built-in? The OM‑1's Live ND Mode covers up to ND64, giving you a wide range of effects. Preview slow shutter speed effects in the viewfinder before shooting.


Handheld High Res Shot

Sometimes you need more resolution than a 20MP image. Now you can capture a 50MP shot at the push of a button. Better still, you won't need a tripod or other stabilizing equipment. Just hold your camera and shoot. The OM-1 automatically takes 12 shots and instantly merges them into one high-resolution photo with spectacular detail.


Live Composite

Every photographer knows that capturing long exposures is challenging. But Live Composite Mode makes it easier with our in-body image stabilization system. Charging dramatic shots of traffic tails, fireworks, or painted light can now be taken handheld. The camera takes a series of continuous photos with the same exposure time then combines them into one shot.


Focus Stacking

Focus Stacking gives your images a new artistic dimension by adding a deep focus from the foreground to the background. It's created when the OM-1 automatically takes a series of shots then stitches them together into one beautifully rendered composite image. Focus Stacking Mode is mainly used in macro photography to add depth and drama to photos of insects, spider webs and flowers. You can also use it in landscape photography to convey a strong sense of place.


Starry Sky AF

Capturing the galaxy has never been easier. Our Starry Sky AF Mode features two settings to take brilliant Astro. Our Speed Priority setting works in tandem with the OM-1's powerful built-in image stabilization system so you can shoot night skies and not worry about focus. Our Accuracy Priority setting lets you use a tripod and a telephoto lens to pinpoint specific stars with incredible precision. One mode. Two settings. And endless starry photos.



Body material

Magnesium alloy body

Lens mount

Micro Four Thirds



4/3" Stacked BSI Live MOS sensor

Effective pixels

20.4 Megapixels

Filter array

Primary colour filter (RGB)

Aspect ratio & area

4:3 / 17.3 x 13.0mm

Full resolution

22.9 Megapixels



TruePix X


Dust reduction filter

Supersonic Wave Filter