• Fujifilm CVR-XH Cover Kit for X-H2S

Fujifilm CVR-XH Cover Kit for X-H2S


The Fujifilm CVR-XH Cover Kit for X-H2S is a must-have accessory for your camera. Made with high-quality materials, it provides sturdy protection for your X-H2S, ensuring it stays in top condition. With a sleek design and precise fit, this cover kit keeps your camera safe while also enhancing its appearance. Invest in this cover kit to prolong the lifespan of your X-H2S and maintain its sleek, professional look.

A useful collection of covers for the various ports on FUJIFILM X-H2 & X-H2S mirrorless cameras. This CVR-XH Cover Kit includes a spare sync terminal cover, hot shoe cover, vertical battery grip connector cover, cooling fan connector cover, and a replacement memory card door.

 Key Features

- Sync terminal cover

- Hot shoe cover

- Vertical battery grip connector cover

- Cooling fan connector cover

- Replacement memory card door