• Sirui K-30X Ball Head
  • Sirui K-30X Ball Head

Sirui K-30X Ball Head


With its 60mm base diameter, the K-30X is a neat fit on many popular makes of high quality tripod, and has an impressive weight to load ratio. It also features a panoramic base, Arca-Swiss compatible quick release clamp, and a fine friction control built in to the locking knob, allowing quick and repeatable setting of the ball friction to the attached camera weight. Three spirit levels enable easy levelling in any working position.

  • TY-70S (70x60mm) Arca-Swiss compatible plate has a rubberised top plate and secondary safety pin.

  • Three spirit levels allow levelling in any position.

  • Base has 360° panoramic graduated scale.

  • Fine friction control control is built-in to the locking knob.