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  • Lee 100 Hood
  • Lee 100 Hood

Lee 100 Hood


The Lee Filters Lee100 Hood is a self-supporting camera lens hood for the 100mm filter system that shades the lens from glare and direct, or off-angle, light.



• Self-supporting camera lens hood for the Lee Filters 100mm filter system
• Connects directly to the Lee100 Filter Holder to shade the lens from light and glare
• Constructed from water-resistant bellows material that is easy to extend and collapse

Specifically designed to work with the Lee100 Filter Holder, the Lee100 Hood is water-resistant and can be titled to different angles to prevent any side-lighting or glare hitting the lens and can also be rotated independently from the filter holder.

The attachment ring of the Lee Filters Lee100 Hood can be easily clipped on and off from the holder and allows for the use of up to 3 filters and the Lee100 Polariser filter at the same time.

This Lee100 lens hood is ideal for studio photography when using a number of different lights/flash-heads, and landscape photography when shading the lens from glare or direct sunlight when out on location.

This Lee Filters camera lens hood comes in a protective shell case.


The Lee100 Hood is only compatible with the Lee100 Filter Holder. With the bellows lens hood at full extension it can be used at approximately 28mm on a full frame sensor without any cut-off (vignetting) with the holder configured for 2 slots. At half extension it can be used at approximately 20mm.