• Hoya 58mm 81c Filter

Hoya 58mm 81c Filter


To reduce flare and ghosting the Hoya HMC 81A Filter is multicoated, which minimizes reflection at the filter surfaces. When the photographer desires to remove the bluish cast from open shade or just add warmth to the photograph this product is good for general scenics, it converts tungsten 3200 K film to 3400 K lighting.

Please note: The 81 Series of filters creates a feeling of warmth, the 82 Series creates a feeling of coolness.

81 Series Conversion Factors

• 81A decreases colour temperature from 3400 - 3200 degrees Kelvin

• 81B decreases colour temperature from 3500 - 3200 degrees Kelvin

• 81C decreases colour temperature from 3600 - 3200 degrees Kelvin