• Hama 72mm Vario Neutral-Density Filter ND2-400

Hama 72mm Vario Neutral-Density Filter ND2-400


The Hama 72mm Vario Neutral-Density Filter ND2-400 has a number of benefits, not only does it protect your lens from dust and scratches but it also allows you control the amount of light passing through your lens by as much as 8 exposure stops. By rotating the end of the lens you are able to control the amount of light (between +1 and +8 stop values) that enters the lens. For instance, f/4 instead of f/8 for selective sharpness instead of great depth of field, or 1/15s instead of 1/60s for a smooth, blurred water effect instead of a ‘frozen' waterfall.

Hama Vario Neutral-Density Filter ND2-400


  • Variable filter for specific reduction of the amount of light
  • Suitable for lenses/zoom lenses with a filter thread
  • For digital/analogue photo, system and video cameras
  • Is also a UV filter
  • Rotary mount for individual adjustment
  • Possibility to lengthen the exposure time between +1 and +8 (ND2-400) aperture stops
  • Coating: one layer on each side
  • Quality standard (glass): high-quality lens glass

Impact on the pictures

  • Allows large apertures e.g. when shooting portraits when it is extremely bright: due to a blurred background the photographed person is clearly visible in the foreground
  • Due to long exposure times flowing water gets "soft"
  • Creates an impressionistic flair in poor light conditions