Formatt Hitech ND Starter Kit

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Formatt-Hitech’s Starter Kits are the perfect entry into a professional filter holder system. The Starter Kit includes the two essential filters to any filter collection, the 0.9 ND (3 Stops) and the 0.9 Soft Edge Graduated ND (3 Stops). Also included is Formatt-Hitech’s top of the line aluminum holder system and adapter ring.

100mm Kits Include

100mm Filters

  • 100x100mm ND 0.9 (3 Stops)
  • 100x125mm ND Grad Soft Edge 0.9

100mm Modular Holder

  • Rugged aluminum back plate
  • Holds up to three 2mm thick resin or glass filters
  • Includes a spacer for holding a 4mm thick glass filter

Threaded Adapter Ring

  • Connects the holder system to the lens.
  • Made from aircraft quality aluminum


Formatt-Hitech Resin

Formatt-Hitech’s resin filters are ultra flat, have excellent contrast and are completely transparent to the visible light spectrum. Formatt-Hitech’s resin has the highest scratch resistance of any non-glass optical material and it’s resistant to most solvents, chemicals, aging and material fatigue. Because of the ruggedness, light weight and portability, resin filters are a great choice for photographers and HDSLR filmakers. Resin filters are dyed using our exclusive Absorbing Cell Technology process.


ND Filter

© Richard Hurst


Neutral Density (or ND) filters produce a grey neutral effect and are used to reduce light in photography, enabling more control over exposure and depth of field without affecting color or contrast. ND's are made in different densities according to the level of light reduction from 1 stop to 10 stops (even 13 and 16 stops) of light. This kit includes a 3 stop ND, which is a moderate density used perfect for waterfalls and streams.


ND Soft Edge Grad

© Elia Locardi


Soft Edge graduated filters transition gradually in density from the top of the filter toward the center, and although there is a horizon line, it is subtle. This allows for horizon transitions to be more easily hidden in a scene, especially with an undulating horizon line such as mountains, buildings or trees. Typically graduated filters are used to enhance the sky or terrain, or balance the luminosity of the sky to the luminosity of the terrain. The 3 stop soft edge grad included in this kit is our most popular graduated ND filter.