Having started our lab by developing and printing film, then embracing digital printing. We have a wealth of experience in our in house lab. Whether it’s grain or bits we can print it.



For many years the lab at Cambrian has produced consistent high quality work for Professional Photographers, Amateur Enthusiasts and Family Picture Makers simply wanting the best of their photographs. Processing for our own very demanding team of photographers has given us deep insight into photographic image production.

The digital age required change which Cambrian Photography undertook with investment in equipment and staff training. The result is a modern, well run unit that is able to undertake almost anything required in photo finishing. We pride ourselves on our customer service. David Thomas, the lab manager, is always available to talk problems through, explain technical procedures and offer advice on any aspect of our work.

The lab processes images from both digital and film. A wide range of sizes and surface finishes are available. There is a wet printing process for prints up to 15”x10”. Larger prints (up to 24” by almost any length) are of a high quality inkjet system. There is a self service kiosk with staff always on hand to advise or extend extra help if required. Work comes to us from personal delivery, via postal services and for those working from longer distance or unable to call, file-transfer services such as Dropbox, WeTransfer and the like. These file-transfer services are designed for work to come over the internet, be processed and returned via post or carrier. Easy to use, these services have become very popular with customers who have busy lives which need help in stress free management. Our normal turn around time for printing digital work is twenty four hours but we have a fast track service which costs only a little more delivering work normally within the hour.

There are often problems in the technical world. A photograph on a computer screen does not match the finished result. White strips appear on the edge of prints or parts of a picture are missing. We are here to help and explain. We have the technology immediately to hand with staff expertise to help you make the most of your photography.

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Our extra services include:

  • High quality passport photographs made to exacting specifications. Normally 24 hours but an emergency service is available at extra cost.
  • For those still using Black and White film a good quality service is provided for developing and printing. Allow a four to five working days for this service.
  • Currently we are unable to process E-6 (slide) film on site but we can arrange high quality processing. Allow five to ten working days for this service but if time is of the essence we may still be able to help.
  • We have gained a considerable reputation for flat copying of any kind. Photographs which require sensitive restoration or paintings which require reproduction files of high quality. Prices start from £5-00p from an original that is below 9”x6” with minimal retouching and enhancement. We can transfer this work on to a CD for a further £2-50 so the work will always be with you for reproduction.
  • We have an efficient service for reclaiming lost information from digital media.