• MagMod Basic Kit
  • MagMod Basic Kit

MagMod Basic Kit


Able to attach to most hotshoe flashes, the MagMod Basic Kit is a durable, practical modifier kit that consists of a MagGrip, a MagGrid, a MagGel, a Standard Gel Set, a MagMod Transmitter Band, and a Carrying Pouch. The MagGrip features two strong magnets embedded within it, which allows you to add and remove the magnetic modifiers quickly. Use it to control colour, shape, and light levels easily.

Key Features: MagMod Basic Kit

  • Attaches to most hotshoe flashes
  • Works with a variety of mixed flash brands, allowing you to upgrade
  • Modifiers are mounted to the MagGrip via two strong magnets
  • Hassle-free, easy-to-use equipment
  • Durable, efficient modifiers
  • Add and correct colour balance quickly and easily
  • Rigid plastic colour gels slip into the MagGel, eliminating cutting and taping
  • Modifiers can be stacked to utilise multiple effects

What’s Included:

  • (1) MagGrip
  • (1) MagGrid
  • (1) MagGel
  • (1) Standard Gel Set
  • (1) MagMod Transmitter Band
  • (1) Carrying Pouch

 Photo: Adam Joe Roberts