• Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head
  • Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head
  • Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head
  • Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head
  • Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head

Gitzo GHFG1 Fluid Gimbal Head

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The Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head offers smooth stabilisation when using long lenses and scopes in an elegant package. The head mounts on an Arca-Swiss style plate and offers dynamic fluid movement / whip pan shooting. The head maintains smooth operation at low rotation speeds; however at high speeds the whip-pan excludes fluidity, providing free movement.

Key Features: Gitzo Fluid Gimbal Head

  • Capture smoother images: The Fluid Gimbal Head allows users to capture smoother images when using telephoto and superzoom lenses, plus other scopes by reducing the shake when zoomed in
  • Ideal for wildlife and sports photography: For usages where you are required to use telephoto equipment, the Fluid Gimbal Head provides much needed support
  • Dynamic fluid movement / whip-pan shooting: The gimbal head dynamically alters the level of fluidity to the extent that when moving slowly the head works as normal, but when at high rotation speeds the whip-pan instantly excludes fluidity, allowing free movement


  • Balance: Self-balancing (through adjustment of horizontal plate’s position on vertical plane)
  • Safe payload: 8kg
  • Pan angle: 360°
  • Tilt drag: Continuous
  • Pan drag: Continuous and self-disconnectable (whip-pan)
  • Base: Flat – Diameter 60mm with 3/8” UNC thread
  • Weight: 1.4kg
  • Plate type: Arca-Swiss long plate with ¼” UNC
  • Bubble spirit level: None
  • Material: Magnesium HPDC (Noir Decore Painted)
  • Pan par: Adjustable position – included
  • Tilt brake: Round shape
  • Pan brake: Round shape
  • Plate locking knob: Round shape
  • Vertical adjustment knob: Lobe shaped knob
  • Whip-pan adjustable knob: None
  • Pan bar locking knob: Lobe shaped knob